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InCibum Supply is a company dedicated to the supply of selected items to yachts, villas, hotels, restaurants and privates with anything the clients may need.

Anything Anywhere Anytime.

Currently based in Brindisi we can reach any destination within the Mediterranean sea efficiently and quickly.

InCibum Supply propose a tailor made services for any kind of need, offering an immediate and fast answer to the most demanding clients orders. Supporting the clients all the way through the process of sourcing, stocking, quoting and delivering selected quality items.


InCibum Supply company is born thanks to the meeting between Ellis Vighi chef expert in the luxury industry and Titi Shipping maritime agent since 1848.

Due to the need of a provisions service agent within the Puglia region we decided to create this company.

Ellis in the past years has seen the opportunity of creating a network of organic farmers and food experts all around Puglia region and the national territory, in order to supply amazing quality products everywhere he has performed for the most demanding guests.

On the other hand Titi shipping has been assisting mega yacht for over 20 years and now more than ever needed the support of a competent partner to launch the supply company and so to fully support and provide a complete provisioning services to our partner agencies.


In the meantime we are uploading our catalogue online, please email us at your detailed product list and the preferred delivery date and time.
We will call you directly once received the order to ask any queries in regards of details and specifications.


InCibum Supply has been selecting the best farmers and food experts within the region in order to introduce in the luxury industry market items that has never been seen before.

Thanks to our team we are able to cover the last minute need for yachts, villas and privates with gourmet food and beverages, engine spares, safety, medical, deck, interior equipment, and consumables.

Our transports fleet are all refrigerated vans and trucks for cold and also for frozen goods ready to deliver anywhere is needed.

Able to reach local and national destination within 24 hours. Any part of the Adriatic sea in less than 2 days. Most of the Mediterranean sea in less than 3 days.

Everything is delivered in plastic foldable crates so you don’t have to deal with the disposal of cardboard or plastic and we can deliver in your crates if you prefer. We will either wait until you have unpacked to take the crates away, or we’ll collect them at your next delivery – whatever works best for you.


We are also able to stock in our main warehouse any amount of items and for any time needed.



Did you know that to produce half a kilo of avocado, about 300 liters of water are needed?!?!?

Did you know that the avocado cultivation is responsible of an unethical and unsustainable market and distribution?!?

The avocado, up until 15 years ago was considered a nourishment only for the rich and for those who knew it. For some years now it has become a fashion. Everyone cultivates it and everyone consumes it. It’s vegan, it’s healthy. Yes sure! But not ethical at all. It enriches the South American mafias and cartels and is among the first responsible for the dryness caused where it is grown.


Mexico in less than 10 years has increased exports of avocado – now known in those parts as “green gold” – becoming the first producer in the world. The offer, however, fails to meet demand. Continuously rising prices are leading to a deforestation of 700 hectares per year; in ten years, to make room for avocado orchards, an area of forest four times the size of Lombardy in Italy has vanished.

The huge amount of pesticides and fertilizers necessary for the cultivation of avocados are also poisoning the water reserves from which animals and local people drink.

Millions of monarch butterflies choose the areas in deforestation of Michoacan, the world capital of the avocado, for reproduction and wintering: without vegetation their destiny is extinction. This is the reason why now they are called bloody avos same as bloody diamonds or cashews.





Phone: +39 380.1481861
Vico de Lubelli 8, 72100 Brindisi (BR)
P. IVA: 02589680749

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